THROW is a performance-development series at The Chocolate Factory Theater, which I curate and moderate.   Upcoming installments are scheduled for:

April 29th at 7PM
with Jibz Cameron/Dynasty Handbag, Katia Castañeda, and Emily Mendelsohn

May 20th at 7PM
with Lauren Grace Bakst, Millie Kapp, and Tara O’Con

THROW’s  format is simple:

1. Artist shows an excerpt of a performance-in-process.
2. Artist asks the audience three questions about the excerpt.
3. Audience answers each question as simply and directly as possible.

Coaching artists through the development of their questions for an audience always teaches me something – and always reinforces the feeling that making art is like drawing a map of the desert in a sandstorm.  Even though it’s impossible to draw the map, our attempts bring us closer to understanding the desert, and that’s better than nothing.  Plus, the more we compare maps, the better our collective understanding.

If you’re interested in developing work through THROW, contact me at sarahmax[at]gmail[dot]com.  Describe the project you’d like to workshop, focusing on the questions you’d like to explore with an audience.  If possible, include links to video of your work (in performance and/or in process).  Better still, come to a THROW event and talk to me in person!