Knowing the Score

an investigation of improvisational structures

Museum of Arts and Design 
2 Columbus Circle
Saturday, September 24th, 2011; 11AM – 5PM

A score is a plan.  A score is a preparation.  A score is a map, a topography, a terrain.  A score is something to explore.

During this one-day, museum-wide event, I offered an improvisational score through which to investigate the use of scoring in dance and performance.  I invited a number of consummate improvisers to participate in the investigation, and visitors to the museum were invited to participate in certain elements of the event as well.

This score included a panel discussion about improvisation, that was also itself an improvisation  with panelists Milka Djordjevich, Ishmael Houston-Jones, and Yvonne Meier. It included a marathon lobby performance by Jillian Sweeney of Personal Effects, a score of personal objects that Jillian and I developed together.  It included an opportunity for the audience to try scores by Jodi Bender (Ways to Walk), Rebecca Davis (Weather Bodies), and Ursula Eagly (Killing Game and Humming Game) .

The score also included In and Out of Uniform, a relay of an improvisational score I created, featuring a jacket originally designed by Liz Prince for Ishmael Houston-Jones.  The following artists interpreted the score in relay:  Maggie Thom, Kennis Hawkins, Enrico D. Wey, Aretha Aoki, Milka Djordjevich, Arturo Vidich, me (Jen Rosenblit was sick), Jodi Bender, Rebecca Davis, Will Rawls, Carolyn Hall, and Tara O’Con.