Fall Events…

Dunkin Donuts and Starbucks have started their Pumpkin Spice Latte wars, so I guess it’s fall, even though the heat makes it feel otherwise… As the season slowly changes, here is some of what’s up next from me and the Nonlinear Lineage project: 
The Now and Then performance reading series continues at The Abrons Arts Center. This series has been an adventure of insight so far, and I can’t wait to hear what this next round of readers have to share with us. Readings are scheduled for 7PM in the Underground Theater at The Abrons on the following Tuesdays:
September 30th, featuring Esther Neff & Claudia La Rocco
October 28th, featuring Cynthia Carr & John Kelly
November 25th, featuring Ursula Eagly & Jaamil Olawale Kosoko
The THROW series at The Chocolate Factory Theater continues this fall, as well. It’s (unbelievably) the eighth year of the series, which continues to foster focused, artist-driven feedback towards the development of of performance work. Showings are scheduled for 7PM on the following Tuesdays:
October 7th, featuring Anya Liftig, Joe P. Monteleone, & Aynsley Vandenbrouke
October 21st, featuring Lenora Champagne, Dahlia Nayar, & David Thomson
December 16th, featuring Jodi Bender, Tiny Little Band, & Emily Wexler
Also, I’m delighted to announce that Nonlinear Lineage will be featured in this year’s Prelude festival. Elliott Jenetopulos, Laurie Berg, and I will be creating another Over/Heard installation, featuring ephemera and audio recordings from the Nonlinear Lineage collection. You are invited to look, listen, and remember in the lobby of the Martin E. Segal Theatre Center from 3PM until 9PM on October 9th and October 10th.
Finally, I am beyond excited to announce that Nonlinear Lineage is partnering with 53rd State Press to produce a series of small publications. More details coming soon.
Wishing you each a lovely season,
P.S. I’ve also been (very) hard at work with a small team to develop ArtsPool, a cooperative framework for nonprofit arts management. Much more to come on that as well…
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ArtsPool.co is live!

As many of you know, I’ve been working on a project for some time now to create a cooperative framework for nonprofit arts management. This project has the potential to change the way we undertake arts administration, freeing up time and other resources for more direct impact on our art.

I’m excited to announce that our development of the project has entered a more public-facing phase, with the launch of our website: http://www.artspool.co.

Please take a look and join the conversation.

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Now and Then

Now and Then, my new reading series that is part of my Nonlinear Lineage project kicks off Monday, February 24th!

The series will feature performance texts (and texts about performance) from the past in conversation with current writings.  Each event includes two writer/readers sharing a recent work as well as an older piece.

Featured readers include:

February 24th: John Jesurun and Marissa Perel
March 17th: Karinne Keithley Syers and Jen Rosenblit
April 7th: Lenora Champagne and Aaron Mattocks

Each event starts at 7PM in the Underground theater at the Abrons Arts Center (466 Grand at Pitt). Admission is free, and drinks will be served.  How can you lose?

Together, we will explore changing trends and contexts of performance in New York City – and beyond. Following the readings, a brief Q&A will flow into an opportunity for more casual conversation. Now and Then is produced as part of my fellowship at The Abrons Arts Center of Henry Street Settlement.

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Coming Soon…

I’m presenting audio excerpts from my Nonlinear Lineage project at The Abrons Arts Center as part of the upcoming American Realness Festival, opening January 9th.

Find out more here.


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Dance and the Museum … and me

The folks at Movement Research’s Critical Correspondence asked me to post some thoughts on the current trend of presenting dance in the context of museums. You can read what I had to say here. Check out responses from others as well, as CC continues this series of investigative, pertinent questioning.

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A gentle return

Movement Research’s Critical Correspondence website is featuring some of my writing this month, including this new, short piece, proposing some ideas about performance as influenced by motherhood.

As the Fall blows closer, there will be much more to report, but for now, simply enjoy this little thought poem to accompany the waning summer.

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Up Next: WestFest

I hope you’ll join me next week for WestFest, a dance festival in the historic Westbeth Artists’ Residence building.

I am co-producing this festival, which runs from April 24-28, includes site-specific performances animating multiple spaces within the iconic building as well as a series of performances in Westbeth’s legendary top floor studio, which was home to the Merce Cunningham Dance Company for many years and now houses the Martha Graham Dance Company.

This is my first year contributing the festival, which I have co-curated along with Carol Nolte and Megan Sipe. I’m excited to be involved in shaping the future of this event and to help integrate a new generation of artists with the fascinating resource that is Westbeth.
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Collective Insourcing

In an attempt to put my effort where my mouth is, I’m working on a project to re-shape how non-profits work:

Collective Insourcing, an A.R.T./New York project funded by the Rockefeller Foundation Cultural Innovation Fund, is currently in development, on the basis of this Concept Paper, which Guy Yarden (fellow artist/administrator) and I wrote together last year.

Your thoughts are welcome.

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Body Count

Some thoughts on the recent In and Out of Uniform, are now published on The Performance Club. Enjoy….

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Performance at the Museum of Arts and Design

In and Out of Uniform, an event I’ve structured, curated, and produced will be presented at the Museum of Arts and Design on Saturday, June 23rd from 12:30 p.m. until 5:30 p.m.

Performers at the event include Jodi Bender, Laurie Berg, Peggy Cheng, Rebecca Davis, Carolyn Hall, Aaron Mattocks, Tara O’Con, Jessica Ray, Anna Sperber, Jillian Sweeney, Maggie Thom, David Thomson, Arturo Vidich, Emily Wexler, and Enrico D. Wey.

The performance is free with museum admission, which is $15.

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